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Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery Associates

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Patient Testimonial By Cindy C

I had 3 visits starting with a broken tooth extraction and then dental implants. All 3 visits were painless and quick! Dr. Theberge and his staff were great. They explained exactly what was happening, were gentle, comforting and the procedures were painless. I would definitely recommend Dr. Theberge and staff.

- Cindy C

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Patient Testimonial By Charles M

for Dr Edmunds: Thanks for removing my infected tooth last week! Tooth pain ceased almost immediately - only one pain killers was taken but Advil would have been fine. Very minimal gum discomfort. Socket closed almost immediately with virtually no bleeding. All antibiotics taken with no issues. Your office and staff were great and I'm thankful you were available! thanks again, Chuck

- Charles M

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Patient Testimonial By Lynn E

I was extremely nervous regarding having a molar and wisdom tooth removed, but the whole visit from Reception to the Nurse and Dentist, was great. Everyone was kind, thoughtful and patient. My anxiety was noticed and not dismissed, they explained everything in detail. I am sure they see dozens of patients a day, but they made me feel like I was the only one. Thank you for your exceptional work and kindness, will definitely return for any of my dental needs.

- Lynn E

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Patient Testimonial By Christopher F

I was very impressed with my appointment. The Doctor and his assistant were very pleasant and calming, I felt like I was with an old friend. I would highly recommend Dr. Theberge to anyone in need of dental work. He helped me understand what the procedure was and what I could expect. For having a surgical extraction, I experienced zero discomfort or pain, and it was very quick. Thank you Dr. Theberge and his assistant for such a great experience!!

- Christopher F

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Patient Testimonial By mike w

The whole staff at both the Greenfield and Keene locations were very professional and listened very carefully to my concerns. Dr. Theberge took the time to make me feel at ease when my sudden drop in blood pressure after a procedure kicked in. He took the time to explain what happens and why and said it is common and made me feel comfortable and safe. His guidance and support has helped me in other doctor visits and am very grateful for his advice and support. Not once did Dr. Theberge or his staff make me feel embarrassed or ashamed. They educated me. My implant has been uneventful and a procedure that I dreaded went so smoothly I would recommend him and his staff to anyone that needs the procedure. Thank you!

- mike w

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Patient Testimonial By Lexie A

I had already heard such wonderful things about Connecticut River, but I had a dental emergency, a badly broken and painful tooth. Brianna in Greenfield was so kind and got back to me within an hour with an appointment!! At the Amherst office, Raven’s calm and kind demeanor put me at ease. Luke and Dr. Albanese are so awesome! I was very nervous and they took care of me with such thoughtfulness and expertise. Over so quickly and painlessly. And I loved the music. It helped a lot!

- Lexie A

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Patient Testimonial By Lou B

I was very nervous and geared up for a very unpleasant experience and it was all for not. The most comfortable I have ever been in a dental chair.

- Lou B

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Patient Testimonial By Kathleen G

I found myself to be quite lucky to have met Dr. Theberge. He was entertaining, very friendly, much less anxious about it after I met him. He had my tooth extracted in about two minutes. Amazing, I couldn't believe it was gone. Very pleasant, professional, A+ for his expertise! Thank you

- Kathleen G

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Patient Testimonial By ROBERT P

Would recommend your service to anyone that needs a specialist.


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Patient Testimonial By Barbara T

Every aspect of my experience was exceptional. Thanks to: Shelly for whisking me in with an inflamed fractured tooth root, kind and competent Barbara for helping me through the whole procedure... and to the wonderful Dr. Theberge, who expertly and deftly removed the tooth in what seemed like the blink of an eye. What I had feared could be a painful ordeal was instead smooth and trauma-free, thanks to this excellent doctor and staff!

- Barbara T

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Patient Testimonial By Dianne D

Dr. Theberge, Karen and all the staff were amazing! Not that anyone wants to have teeth extracted but they were very kind and compassionate and made sure I was comfortable. I felt like I was part of their family and in very good hands. They explained everything and had a great sense of humor too. Thank you all!

- Dianne D

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Patient Testimonial By Doreen S

Proper Comment: If I ever need work in my mouth, i will not hesitate to call up Keene NH CVOSA... What I really wanted to say is that I was scared shitless about someone going to chisel away the bone in my mouth... This group of folks made me feel comfortable and if I ever, (God I hope not) need to do this again, I know who to go to.... Thank You Everyone

- Doreen S

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Patient Testimonial By Lauren C

I was impressed with Dr. Theberge. He explained everything to me, the molar extraction was very fast, and I experienced no discomfort at all. I'm more than two days past the procedure and I've only taken a bit of over-the-counter pain medication but I haven't felt any pain at all. I did agree to his offer of a prescription pain relief in case I needed it and when it didn't come through by the following morning, he and the staff were very quick to follow up and make sure it was filled. When the time is right to follow up with an implant, I plan to request Dr. Theberge.

- Lauren C

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Patient Testimonial By Lynne B

I had 2 teeth removed and I was terribly nervous. The Dr was so nice and made me feel so at ease . I have been to him 3 times now and I would always ask for him. I also have to compliment the nurse who was so nice to me and held my hand. Her name was Felicia and she was so sweet.

- Lynne B

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Patient Testimonial By Patrick M

Had a dental implant placed, and over the course of 3 stages needed for placement, never had a bad experience. Had to visit 3 different offices as that was what my schedule allowed, staff was excellent at all locations and felt comfortable and confident in everyone's ability.

- Patrick M

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Patient Testimonial By Carole W

Dr. Theberge and Jess were fantastic! I recently had a tooth extraction. Dr, Theberge explained everything he was going to do. Had the tooth removed in a couple of minutes.I was in and out of the office in less than a half hour. Most important to me was the fact that both Jess and Dr. Theberge made me feel so comfortable. It was like visiting with a good friend. Being a "seasoned" adult it is nice to know that there is still professionals like Dr. Theberge and Jess that remember they are dealing with PEOPLE! Thank You Both!

- Carole W

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Patient Testimonial By Laura S

Thank goodness for all the staff having a great sense of humor as well as being professional and reassuring. I was impressed by the COVID precautions in the office. There was little to no waiting time once in the office. I was in and out in 30 minutes! The appointment started right on time and staff met me at the door with paperwork and reassurance. Dr Theberge answered all my questions and the procedure took minutes with constant communication between me and the staff. Aftercare directions were given both verbally and written, very helpful. Strongly recommend Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery Associates for any oral surgery needs. Thanks also for providing for adequate pain management.

- Laura S

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Patient Testimonial By Caitlyn N

Dr. Blount was amazing with my anxiety. I had been putting off getting this procedure for years, and had bad experiences with consults in the past. But, as I couldn't wait any longer, and after speaking with him for the referral, he put me at ease about the idea of going under, and listened to all of my concerns. I will, for sure, recommend Dr. Blount to anybody that is looking for someone for this procedure. He and his staff were amazing.

- Caitlyn N

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Patient Testimonial By Maria P

Wonderful staff and Dr. Edmunds was amazing with my daughter!

- Maria P

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Patient Testimonial By Tim M

From the time I arrived until I was done i felt very at ease. The staff that assisted me (Nicki) directed me to the procedure room and made me feel comfortable. The Dr. (Nick Theberge) explained the entire procedure to me and helped ease my anxiety. He was very professional to say the least. His assistant (Barb) was a real superstar helping me get through what I thought was going to be an unpleasant experience. I can’t say enough about the entire staff that i came in contact with. I would highly recommend Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery Associates.

- Tim M

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